Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bail Bonds: Thank you Pretrial Justice Institute

In your September 23, 2010 publication, you wrote about the years of efforts by rightly aggrieved citizens to bring transparency to the travesty visited upon unwitting taxpayers as their hard earned dollars have been used to fund local county “free bail bond” stores (read Pretrial Release Agencies).

Of course, since you are an apologist and major advocate of those malfunctioning operations, you did not intend it as a kindness to me when you wrote:

“The commercial bail bond industry’s national agenda has been manifested mostly through the work of Jerry Watson, Chief Legal Officer of AIA, past head of the American Bail Coalition, and past Chairman of ALEC.”

That I could be recognized, especially by those who wholly fail to appreciate the true values that commercial bail bonding brings to the nation’s criminal justice systems, as a person who tries to help shine the light on those uninformed souls is a great honor – no doubt my greatest ever. So thank you again, and please know that I will always be indebted to you for identifying me as a loyal soldier in the fight against egregious misuse of taxpayer funding.

Jerryism #51
I guess Lyndon was wrong, you can shine a cow pattie.

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