Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bail Beats Pretrial Services

The word is out! It cannot be controverted nor can it legitimately be denied.

What happened? The most important comparison study ever performed to show once and for all: who comes to court better. Persons on bail or persons released unsecured through a pretrial service agency?

For 22 years The Federal Bureau of Justice Statistics has been saying commercial bail wins, but recently the liberal pretrial services advocates whined to the current defendant-friendly administration in Washington about how those reports were making them look bad. So now the administration says we shouldn’t pay any attention to all those Bureau of Justice Statistics findings.

Ok, so forget all that. A new study just out proves the superiority of commercial bail once and for all. One of the nation’s largest pretrial service agencies, the one in Houston, Texas, own records for 2006, 2007 and 2008 were fully reviewed and analyzed and it was discovered that commercial bail does a two to one better job for getting persons to court.

For each of the three years reviewed approximately 4,500 defendants on bail and 4,500 on unsecured release were monitored the same way by pretrial services agency staff. For each of those three years non-bail defendants had a 100% worse failure to appear rate. That’s right! Only half as many defendants on bail failed to appear as compared to the pretrial service agency defendants with no bail bond. What better proof could one ask for to show that commercial bail outperforms pretrial service agencies in getting defendants to court?

So is the issue about pretrial services now put fully to rest?

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